Let Sun Run Your Life

Get Solar Ltd. was founded in 2020 as part of the ETS shpk company, with the extension of its activity throughout Albania. The purpose of the establishment of GET SOLAR shpk. In Albania, it has been the finding of alternatives to uninterrupted energy and reducing the maximum energy bills for its customers.

Get Solar shpk owns the necessary staff to provide technical ready to provide services, necessary technical assistance and appropriate professional solution at any time for electrical systems and electricity production systems by solar energy.

Solar photovoltaic energy is a clean and renewable energy source that uses solar radiation to produce electricity. It is based on the so-called photoelectric effect, with which some materials are able to absorb photons (light particles) and release electrons, generating an electric current.

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To be the first and best choice in Services and Materials in the entire energy and telecommunications sector.


Provide qualitative solutions complete in all areas of energy and telecommunications. To understand the requirements and needs of our customers and give them the best and lowest cost than our competitors.



Our teams are devoted and ready for everything. We are on duty and on time. Despite the difficulty


All members of our team are qualified, educated and capable. All of them are constantly trained


We rely on our dedication and extensive experience to ensure the best quality in the market.


We respect our customers, business and mission. More and more we put our first customers.


With a wide range of successful projects, and dedication we are confident that we are the best choice.


No matter how difficult it is a project, we insist on providing better service and achieving success.